3D Video Player

3D Media Player: On-the fly 3D Conversion, HQ Video Playback, Slick Performance

3D Video Player

Put on your anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses and enjoy any movie, music video, family memories captured, sports championships in 3D!

We created this player for our friends and families to enjoy 3D Media Revolution with us. So join in! It's extremely easy to use.

3D Video Player is made with the very thought of You.

With this 3D player you can watch 3D movies not only in theaters, but create your own and enjoy them anywhere you like.

Just download and install this stereoscopic player on your PC, choose the footage you'd like to watch in 3D, press the 3D button and see the magic!!

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How to play 3D Video

Want to know how to play 3D video using 3D Video Player? We are here at your service!

Short step-by-step tutorial is available right here with screen shots below. It's as simple as that
1. Open 3D Video Player. In the bottom of the interface you'll see a big button OPEN. Click on it to choose the video file you'd like to watch.
2. In the pop-up window you'll see a list of folders with files on your computer. Choose the video file you'd like to watch in 3D. Click Open in the pop-up window.
3. The video of your choice is activated and plays in 2D mode. To switch the mode to 3D just click on the button 3D in the right bottom corner of the player.
4. By clicking on the 3D button you activate 3D mode and the button will light up. Put on your 3D glasses (e.g. anaglyph red-cyan) and enjoy 3D video! To switch the mode back to 2D just click on the button 3D once again to deactivate 3D effect.

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3D Video Player